Avv. Giovanni Luca Serino

  • Giovanni Luca Serino (graduate of the University of Turin in 1993, was admitted to the Bar in 1997).
    Giovanni Luca Serino operates within the field of legal advice to companies, primarily in labour law. He is experienced in all aspects of employment law, primarily focusing on senior managers’ employment contracts and terminations, retention arrangements, remuneration structures, in court litigation, works councils and unions’ relations and collective redundancy procedures.

    He also advises on transaction-related employment aspects, including mergers and acquisitions, business transfers and corporate restructuring. In addition to labour law, he has gained a strong level of competence in corporate law and M&A.

    In his professional career, Giovanni Luca worked at leading law firms:
    Grande Stevens - Pedersoli (1998)
    Grande Stevens Studio Legale (1999-2003)
    Tosi e Associati (2004-2006)
    Marco Rossi e Associati (2007-2013)

    In 2014, he formed as founder partner the Associazione Professionale LabJus.

    In this context, on behalf of Italian and foreign customers of primary importance (industry, transport and logistics, banks and investment funds, services, publishing, tourism and hotels, food, clothing and manufacturing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, professional training, professional sports clubs) he has overseen the ordinary management of relationships with staff, also with reference to competition profiles related to the area of human resources and transaction-related employment aspects.

    In his experience in the law firm of Prof. Paolo Tosi, professor of labour law at the University of Turin, he has added assistance to large privatised companies from the public sector (telephone, postal services, rail transport) to that he already provided to clients in the private sector.

    At the same time, he gained significant experience in the study and preparation of models of organisation and management pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 on "Regulation of Administrative Liability of Legal Entities, Companies and Associations", participating as chairman to the Supervisory Bodies of companies and organisations.

    He works with companies, associations and training bodies such as lecturer in employment law matters and he is a member of the Association of Italian Employment Lawyers.

    Languages: Italian, English

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