LabJus Professional is an association between lawyers and labour consultants, established in 2014 between lawyers Giovanni Luca Serino, Alessia Petra Beccuti, Francesca Borione and Emil Bertocchi, partners and founders registered with the Bar Association of Turin.
Since 2018 Natalia Ferro joined the Professional Association as partner.

LabJus, based in Turin and Milan, provides to Italian and foreign clients highly qualified legal advice and assistance, both in judicial as extrajudicial area, mainly in the areas of labour law, commercial and corporate law, family law and in the broader statutory context.

Including the integration with the Borione firm of labour consultancy and payroll administration, as well as professional qualification of one of its members as a Labour Consultant, the law firm provides services in human resource management and staff services such as administrative, insurance and social security support, being qualified to provide assistance to national and multinational companies in the application of collective agreements and the management of union relations, the organization of processes and optimization of costs, exercise of disciplinary power and the adoption of specific tools (e.g. career plans, incentives and MbO, privacy policies and competition).

The firm also provides specific assistance in relation to staff management in the context of restructuring of companies in crisis and insolvency procedures.

LabJus deals in corporate compliance with regulations on anti-corruption and administrative liability of legal persons, with legal services intended for the adaptation of the management structures for community and national legislation, and the preparation of models of organization, management and control in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001, providing the opportunity to participate in related supervisory bodies.

The Professional Association also uses the advice of other professionals with whom it has established stable relations of cooperation for the deepening of the criminal, administrative, fiscal and tax aspects, in order to provide assistance to its customers on further aspects as indicated, in a coordinated and harmonized way.

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