Avv. Emil Bertocchi

  • Emil Bertocchi (graduate of the University of Brescia in 2000, was admitted to the Bar in 2003).
    Since the beginning of his professional career, he has been involved in labour law and industrial relations, a field in which he received the title of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Pavia. In 2003 he completed a year of specialisation at the University of Seville, and in 2005 he spent a year as a visiting scholar at Emory University in Atlanta, USA. He worked with Studio Legale Marco Rossi and Associati from 2006 to 2013.

    Since 2014, he has been working at the Associazione Professionale LabJus, of which he is a founder and partner.

    He assists Italian and foreign companies operating in different sectors, with regard to issues concerning the establishment, management and termination of employment. He participates in the preparation of second-level collective agreements, as well as the various steps which make up collective procedures (use of social welfare, solidarity contracts, etc. …). He is dedicated to providing the specific assistance needed - always in the personnel field - as part of bankruptcy proceedings.

    He also provides assistance on labour law and industrial relations associated with moving and outsourcing the company, with particular attention to contracts and with the formalities required by the relevant regulations. He habitually carries out due diligence in the context of corporate transactions on matters of employment law and workplace safety, participating in both the study phase of the relevant passages and the submission of final reports phase.

    He deals with social security law.

    He collaborates with specialised magazines in the area of labour law, being active in the areas of research, public law and training. He is a speaker at conferences and university seminars and teaches training and refresher courses for professional bodies and associations in the field of personnel management. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Turin and the University of Brescia mainly teaching employment law (labour law, trade union law, EU and international labour law, etc.).

    He is a member of the Association of Italian Employment Lawyers and is a member of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Bar of Turin.

    Foreign languages: English and Spanish

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